ScentCone - How does it work?

Wind direction and speed may be THE MOST critical piece of information to have when choosing where and when to hunt.

ScentCone is a unique wind speed and direction tool in the ScoutLook Hunting App available "on the fly" for dropped pins anywhere on the globe, or to check a Saved Location.

The "cone" icon is where your odor drifts, from the center of the bullseye and INTO the area of the cone.  You can engage ScentCone by tapping "ScentCone" from the weather card after dropping a pinor viewing a Saved Location.  What appears is the CURRENT wind speed/direction of that location.

You can check what the wind forecast is on an hourly basis, out 7 Days, simply by toggling each hour using the arrows in the ScentCone card that displays, or using the drop down to select a time and date.

Good luck!


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