My Property - Creating and Sharing Code with hunters - HOW TO


MY PROPERTY allows a person who acts as an administrator of a given hunk of land with many stands to SHARE a 5-DIGIT code with anyone with a ScoutLook app to see and use stand locations the administrator set up.

The users can only LOG deer to the stand, they cannot delete or modify stand - we did this on purpose.

The easiest way to CREATE a My Property is:

1. to go to website at, log in, go to ACCOUNT in upper right icon (head),

2. then select Property Management option, create a name and add acreage if desired, the SAVE. 

3. We auto-generate a 5 digit code you can then share with others, no limit.

Right now we only allow for ONE My Property, but will have ability to create multiple Property units to manage, ideal for outfitters.

Once you create one (and ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD - we are global) you can save new stands to it (check the box when saving) or assign existing stands.   


For fellow hunters to enter the 5 - DIGIT computer generated code to access the stands (or blinds, etc.) see the following screenshots ordered steps 1 to 4, using the ScoutLook Hunting App.  After they enter the code, they can simply pull it up any time for future use.


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