Adding GPS coordinates to SEARCH field


Our app displays your saved locations in DMS format, which means Degrees, Minutes, Seconds. If you want to add a ScoutLook location to a recreational GPS unit, make sure your device is set to accept DMS format coordinates and your datum/ projection is set to WGS84.

If you are trying to manually enter coordinates into ScoutLook, you need to convert DMS coordinates to DD, which is decimal degrees. There are several online calculators that can do this for you or you can do it manually.

To convert DMS to DD, you need to divide the seconds in the coordinate by 60 and then add them to the minutes. You then take the minutes and divide them by 60 and add them to the degrees. Please see example below to convert a latitude coordinate. The process is the same for a longitude coordinate.

41°24'12.2"N (DMS type)

We start off by taking the seconds and dividing them by 60

12.2" / 60 = .2033'

Add .2033' to the minutes (24)

.2033' + 24' = 24.2033' 

Now we divide by 60 again to get the decimal degrees

24.2033'/ 60 = .403388

Add this to the 41 degrees and you will have your decimal degree latitude

.403388 + 41 = 41.403388 Decimal Degrees


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