I am having trouble creating an account or logging in.

If you already had an account prior to version 2.0 there is no need for you to create a new account. You can use your old/original log in information to log into the new website and apps. You can use that one account across all of our apps and on the website as well.

If you are a new user trying to log in you must create a new account first. Simply click on the Sign Up button/link and create an account. Remember the password that you use and if you change your email down the road make sure to update it under your Account/Profile page.

If you are getting the error "Email has already been taken" that means you already have an account with us. Simply Log In and your off and running. If you don't remember your password use the Forgot Password link to change it.

If you still have problems feel free to Submit a Request for help.


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