Where did My Locations go?

Old “Locations” Vs. New “Places”

In the previous version of ScoutLook, users were able to save Locations and assign them to specific Categories (examples: Home, Work, General Hunting, Whitetail, Waterfowl, General Fishing, Rivers, Lakes, etc.). In the new version of ScoutLook, we have replaced Locations with Places. They appear in BOTH the fishing and hunting apps as well as all show up on the website. Places such as stands, blinds, ScoutMarX, FishMarX, logs, etc. stay in the app that pertains to the Place. Find them quickly and go to them with the search (magnifying glass) field. Below are images showing the steps to get to your list of Places.

A Place allows users to do the following:

  1. Name it. Give it a name that’s easy to remember and revisit later. 
  2. Make it available offline. Cache the Place for offline (no Internet connection) viewing on the ScoutMap. (Learn more about offline functionality right here.)
  3. Assign a Location Group. A Location Group is a way to group several Places together; for example, one particular hunting property or fishing spot with multiple saved Places. (Learn more about Location Groups right here.)
  4. Assign a Location Type. ScoutLook Hunting: Blind, General Hunting, Personal, Stand or Trail Camera. ScoutLook Fishing: General Fishing or Personal.
  5. Add a Description. Example: “Farmer Joe told me he sees lots of deer here.”
  6. Add a Perfect Wind Direction. (Learn more about Perfect Wind Direction right here.)

Why did we change from Locations to Places? Because you asked for it! After reviewing endless feedback from ScoutLook users, we developed a new system for organizing and managing saved locations, and this was the result. You’ll still find all of your saved data from the original version of ScoutLook, and you can relabel or reorganize it however you want.





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