Why does the app keep asking me to update to the new one?

Please Note: All ScoutLook apps have been combined into two, ScoutLook Hunting and ScoutLook Fishing.

When you open one of the old ScoutLook apps it will prompt you with "Update Required". When you click on the "Update" button it will take you to the app store to download our new free app ScoutLook Hunting or ScoutLook Fishing.

Once you install the new app you should use the new app shortcut icon on your phone to access the new app. At this time you can uninstall all of the old ScoutLook apps (Mossy Oak Free, DeerLog, FishLog, Fishing Free, and ScoutLook Weather). If you continue to use the old app icons you will be directed through the whole process again, which is not necessary.

And don't worry, all of your old data has been moved over to the new system so you won't lose any data that you worked hard to create in the past!


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