Why does the app not show my current location?

On your cell phone, if the app does not pull up weather details for your current location (like below) you will need to make sure to turn on your GPS/Location Services on your cell phone. Please consult your cell phone provider if you are not sure how to turn this feature on.

If your GPS is on but your current location is off try the below items.

  1. Power cycle your phone to clear up any running apps in the background.
  2. The GPS in your phone is not as strong as a handheld GPS or even the one in your vehicle. Make sure that you have a clear and unobstructed view of the sky. Not indoors, under trees, or under heavy cloud cover.
  3. Open Google maps and see where you show up on their map.
  • If Google maps finds you in the same location as the ScoutLook apps then the problem is with the GPS in your phone and/or your phone's software. Please consult your cell phone provider to have your phone repaired.
  • If Google maps is finding you at your current location and the ScoutLook app is not try UNINSTALLING your app, then download from store to RE-install.  You will NOT lose your locations.  You may have gotten a BAD install.  Login again and it should work properly.



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