ScoutTreX - NEW! What is it, and how does it work?

ScoutTreX is the latest tool in the ScoutLook Hunting App.  In short, you can create countless trails for countless uses and save them for later use.  

At the BOTTOM of the main home screen, click the ToolBox icon (hammer/wrench) then the BOOT icon with an "X" called ScoutTreX.  

With ScoutTreX, you'll begin to create a visual on-screen trail that provides many helpful details.  The uses for hunters and outdoorsmen and women are endless!

Available NOW for Android/Google and iOS/Apple phones!

ScoutTreX always starts with your CURRENT LOCATION - the "blue dot" on your phone when you activate the tool.  

Open the ToolBox icon and tap the Boot icon.  You'll see the display "Start Tracking" below. It's that simple.

  • What's tracked:  Your TIME, SPEED, DISTANCE.
  • Options are to Pause if you wish, or if you're don, tap the STOP button (square icon).
  • SAVING a ScoutTreX:  After you tap the STOP button, you can name the trail, choose from several high contrast colors, and add notes about the trail, then SAVE.  
  • A saved trail shows a GREEN dot where it began, and a RED dot where it ended.
  • Editing - you can change the name, color, and add/subtract notes of a saved trail at a later time.  

Important Things to Note about ScoutTreX:

  • We have screenshots showing you where to find important functions within ScoutTreX.  
    • Both iOS and Android work IDENTICALLY, with the exception of minor differences in the SAVE function.
  • Your GPS signal strength is shown when you tap the ScoutTreX icon (boot)....if it's not Strong and you're outdoors, accuracy of the trail impression will suffer or be unreliable.
  • The GPS signal is "hit" every 3 seconds.  If you are in a fast moving vehicle, the trail will appear more straight in a line than may actually have occurred.  Walking shows more detail of steps/trail created.
  • ScoutTreX WILL operate and continue to function (track your location/trail) so long as you did not tap STOP button.  In other words, ScoutTreX will work in the "background" allowing you to make phone calls, send texts, whatever.
  • If ScoutTreX loses the GPS signal, it will connect a straight line or similar from the LAST good signal to where it picks up the NEXT good signal.  In/out of buildings, heavy tree canopy, etc. may cause this to occur.

Good Luck, and hope you like our newest ScoutLook feature!


NOTE - view the attachments in this order: ST1 > ST8


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