Changing PASSWORD after temporary was issued

If the ScoutLook Support Team issued a temporary password and you want to change it to one that's YOURS, follow the simple steps below.  Remember to create a password that's 8 or more characters for added security.

NOTE - see attached for visual assistance.

  1. Log into your account at using the temporary password given (or a password you with to change).
  2. In the upper RIGHT corner of the screen tap the dropdown arrow and pick ACCOUNT
  3. On the right side of screen you'll see a panel - simply type a new password you wish to use.
  4. REMEMBER IT! :-)

Use the New password to log into the APPs as well.

You may also change the password in the app after you log into it with the temporary.

  1. In the upper LEFT corner of the screen tap the icon (3 bars)
  2. Tap ACCOUNT to open the next screen
  3. Select "Change Your Password"
  4. Enter the new one you'd like then confirm and SAVE.



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