Where are my SAVED LOCATIONS?!

There have been some unexplained reports by users that they can NO LONGER SEE any of their previously saved locations.  

Don't worry, all locations are stored on our servers, not your phone.  

Whatever may cause this is easily fixed:

  • Log completely OUT of the app.  Do this by tapping the icon in the upper LEFT corner of the app screen and tap "Logout"
  • Wait a couple minutes, then using your usual log in credentials, log back IN.
  • All saved locations, markers, etc. should now be visible.

In the event this does NOT fix the problem:

  • UNinstall the app from your phone - this will NOT affect saved locations!
  • Go to either app store and RE-install/download the app back to your phone.
  • Log In with your usual credentials which should resolve location issue and guarantee you have the latest version/updates.



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