Area Measuring Tool - NEW for Hunting App

ScoutLook has launched a new AREA Measuring Tool to allow users interested in getting a precise calculation of an enclosed area.

Here’s a video/article

This is ideal for hunters and farmers alike demanding acreage calculations for countless applications.

Like the Distance Measuring Tool, the AREA Measuring Tool is SIMPLE to use.  (See screenshots attached.)

Simply tap the Measuring Tool icon on the home screen - it looks like a quick square/triangle.

That opens a display pane with two options - Measure Distance and Measure Area.

  • Tap/check the Measure Area to engage the tool.
  • "Long Tap" the screen to drop the first pin on the edge of the area you wish to measure.
  • Continue to drop pins (no limit) along the border, and zoom if needed for precision.
  • The calculated AREA is displayed in lower right of the pane.
  • To CLEAR, just uncheck the box, then tap the icon to CLOSE. 

NOTE - the AREA shown will be in ACRES if you calculate 1 or more acres, otherwise it will show Square Feet. 


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