Distance Measuring Tool - NEW for App

ScoutLook has added a new distance measuring tool to the Hunting App home screen so users can determine the precise distance between TWO points, or the TOTAL distance of ANY number of segments.

Here’s a video/article

It is SIMPLE to use!  (You can refer to the attach screenshots we've marked up for visual explanation.)

Simply tap the new Measuring Tool icon at the bottom of the app screen. It looks like a quick square tool (triangle).

That opens TWO new tools - Measure Distance and Measure Area (covered in a different support ticket)

  • Tap/check the Measure Distance box to engage that functionality
  • "Long Tap" the screen to drop the a pin for Point A, then another for Point B.
  • If you want many pins for segments along a trail, etc. continue dropping pins
  • Calculated total distance shows in lower right of the pane.
  • To CLEAR, simply tap/uncheck the box again then the icon to close the tool.

The tool works in any mode - satellite, terrain, or road.  You can also zoom as far in or out when dropping pins.

NOTE - YARDS/hundredths of yards are shown up to the first Mile, then miles/hundredths appear after.


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